ITE Mission

ITE at UMSL aims to be a major force in translating innovative ideas into thriving businesses in a variety of fields — primarily chemistry, life sciences and information technology.

To succeed in this mission, ITE offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, in-house coaching, business development services and access to the expertise of University faculty and students. In concert with the University of Missouri’s fourth mission, ITE fosters innovation to support knowledge-based economic development.

ITE Sponsors and Collaborators

ITE Mission and Collaborators meeting

ITE functions as a member of the economic development ecosystem in the St. Louis region and collaborates with many organizations. Some of our collaborators have provided funding for our facility, equipment or operation. Others are service providers with complementary missions in business development, startup mentoring or fundraising. We recognize their contributions to our mission and our continuing commitment to help grow the regional St. Louis economy.

Founding Sponsors

Economic Development Collaborators

Information at UMSL

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