ITE is a great facility with the lab and office amenities necessary to achieving the next level of success. For specifics, please consider the leasing information packet below.

Leasing Packet


ITE offers small offices for one- or two-person startups as well as office suites suitable for 4 to 20 people.  Companies leasing office space receive full access to the amenities offered at ITE including access to university libraries, interns and faculty consultants, opportunities for faculty collaborations, and more.

Details of our office leasing options can be found in our Leasing Packet.

Wet Laboratory

ITE offers wet laboratory space suitable for chemistry and life science companies and other laboratory research-based startups.  Laboratories vary in size from about 400 sq ft to over 3,000 sq ft, providing flexibility to serve early stage companies growing at variable rates.  Just as with startups leasing office space, companies leasing laboratory space have full access to the office amenities listed above as well as access to shared laboratory equipment available on site and on campus, faculty and student expertise in chemistry and life sciences, and scientific journals. High value analytical laboratory equipment is available on a fee-for-service basis both on site and on campus.

Details of our laboratory leasing options and the shared equipment available to tenants can be found in our Leasing Packet.

Additional information on office and lab facilities can be found here.