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Director of Scientific & Computing Services

William Lemon Portrait William J. Lemon
HPC Center, IT Infrastructure and Services for Incubator Facility, ITE Facility Management
Dr. Lemon brings to ITE expertise in information technology and biotechnology as well as a vibrant enthusiasm for small and fledgling business. He has a formal background in engineering with experience in genomics, informatics, and software development. His interest in the opportunity with ITE stems from a deeply held belief that entrepreneurship is the engine that has made this country great and he is enthused to be part of University of Missouri St. Louis’s effort to foster high technology companies. He received a B.S. with honors from Wayne State University in Detroit and a M.S. and Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Managers – Graduate student assistants at ITE.
General Information, Tenant Applications, Facility Rentals and Events

David Faron is an MBA (Finance) student at UMSL. He started working at ITE in 2014 after receiving his B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Kevin Gleich is a graduate student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at UMSL. He’s grateful to be a part of such a rich university environment, where he can mingle creative and commercial work.

Toan Pham is a graduate student in MIS, which is actually part of the MBA program. He is an amateur bird-watcher and a serious Game of Thrones enthusiast.

Previous Graduate Students

Jeff Sjerven, MFA 2015
Tam Tran, MBA 2014
Caitlin Reynolds, MBA 2012
Ray Holmes, MFA 2012
Ryan Krull, MFA 2013
Savita Eli, MCompSci 2012
Lindsay Shadwell, MFA 2011
Kay Kim, MCompSci 2010

Faculty Advisors

Tom Eysell, PhD, College of Business
Mary Lacity, PhD, College of Business
John Dalton, PhD, English
Wenjie He, PhD, Math and Computer Science
Mary Troy, PhD, English

Special Shout Out to Sam Darko


No ITE staff would be complete without Sam Darko. He’s the glue that holds us together.