ITE signWhat companies are good candidates to become ITE tenants?

Chemistry, commercial research organizations, life sciences companies using synthetic chemistry and information technology companies tend to find the most value from ITE.  With wet laboratory spaces ranging in size from a little less than 500 sq ft up to more than 3,000 sq ft, ITE can accommodate companies of various sizes in various stages of development.

Our current tenants include: Missouri Institute of Mental Health, UMSL Medicinal Chemistry Group, EKG Labs, PharmaRen, and St. Louis Medical Devices.

How is ITE different from other business incubators?

ITE has the advantage of being associated with University of Missouri – St. Louis. Benefits include access to faculty, preferred access to campus facilities and equipment, including library resources, the fitness center and student interns.

ITE accommodates companies of various sizes in several stages of the life cycle.  Some companies enter with one or two people during proof-of-concept; others enter when they develop a small staff of scientists and technicians.  One of the benefits of our larger wet laboratory spaces is that companies can stay in place longer and delay the capital costs associated with graduating into independent commercial space.

Our data center is another differentiator and provides tenants access to an onsite high performance computing center with the capability of hosting company servers onsite, cluster computing for analytical research, and access to faculty and student resources at the University of Missouri St. Louis.

What is the purpose of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Center at ITE?

Data centers provide stable environments (heating, cooling, humidity and emergency power) for the computers used in all areas of today’s high tech businesses. However, running a data center efficiently is an expense that many small to medium companies cannot afford on their own. The HPC Center at ITE is a resource that can be shared by internal tenants as well as external customers in order to spread the cost among several companies. This helps smaller companies focus on their core business rather than their computing infrastructure.

What is high performance computing?

High performance computing utilizes multiple CPU cores to solve a large problem by breaking it down into parallel chunks. At ITE, we have installed a Rocks 5.4 cluster initially constructed from 64 off-the-shelf Dell servers. Our scalable cluster consists of up to 256 AMD Opteron cores, 2GB RAM per core and GigE interconnect. This cluster can be used to solve a variety of computational problems including fluid dynamics, genomics, chemical modeling, Monte Carlo methods and data mining.

Who can use the HPC Center?

Although it is intended to be a shared resource for tenants of ITE, the HPC Center can be used by anyone. The HPC cluster is built on the ROCKS platform and is available for a fee based on CPU time consumed. Other data center services (e.g., server hosting, collocation and system administration) are available for a monthly fee.  Labor such as consulting, programming or project management can be arranged either hourly or by the project.

How is the University of Missouri involved in ITE?

ITE is organized within the Office of Research Administration at UM-St. Louis, which facilitates collaborations between ITE tenants and University faculty and students including joint research work, student internships and joint grant activities. ITE is one component in UMSL’s strategy to provide economic development services to the community. As described in a regional strategic plan, a strong St. Louis economy will be built on high value companies with high skill jobs. The university is ideally suited to support cutting-edge technology companies and ITE was developed to serve this function.

How can I get more information about ITE?

The ITE web site offers a comprehensive overview of ITE. To request additional information on tenancy, HPC services and ITE facility rentals or to request a tour of ITE, please use our Online Information Request Form. Or contact us for information on how to reach us by email or phone for general questions. For HPC Center inquiries, contact William Lemon at 314-516-4702.

If our ITE FAQ did not answer your question, please contact an ITE Manager at (314)516-4700.